Why work with us?

At Innovative IT Initiatives, we are fast driven professionals who are not afraid to think out of the box and pursue excellence. We are team players, a versatile and agile company and we know that working together is much more effective than working alone.

Everyone is an intrapreneur & that’s why we don’t have managers for people (mentors instead) so we have freedom to what we do the best. If anyone of us has an idea – we take it up, own it and complete it.We don’t clock in hours (well almost) as we work because it is important. Because we like what we do and believe in the outcome. And that is why we give it our all. Here, our work does the talking Above all – We are students for life, we are all learners. We seek knowledge and share it enthusiastically. Our doors are always open.

What Guides Us?

We love to listen to our instincts & believe if something seems wrong, it probably is. Conversely, if something seems right, we go for it. People try to look for evidence or data to support decisions, but we understand there is no data about the future. Over time, you just get better at listening to, and trusting those instincts. It takes time but is one of the best tools we have to guide us & we are getting there.

Who is Welcome?

We welcome folks who laugh, both in the face of challenges and along with team mates. Innovative IT Initiatives is a place for people who understand people, be it customers or colleagues & understand our vision and inspire confidence in our teams. Someone who enjoy the freedom and chaos of working for a start-up (backed by 10 year old business which has successfully delivered to major blue chip companies across India), require little supervision, are logically very strong and love what they do.